Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Racing tonight

A couple of quick things today
Firstly I managed to hang on to the Tuesday ride, (it does help when Ashley rides home after about 4 km). After last weeks demoralising ride, I was pretty happy. There were not a lot of surges though which also helps a lot.

Secondly, I am planning (still even after having time to reconsider and change my mind), to race at LCCC tonight. The thought of it makes me feel a bit sick seriously, as I just cannot get my head into a good space about racing at the moment, I love the training, but racing is not really high on the list. I have done one thing which I think is a positive, and that is placed a few blogs into my "Blogs I read:" section and they are all people who race and I am sure who all feel exactly the same as me at times, and I have even had some comments from some of these people I dont even know and that is a bit inspiring and I think that will help me to shut out the little voice in my head that keeps saying "You cant do this".

So having said all of that I just looked over to my little quote calendar and it says"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

SO I CAN - Go to the race tonight, try my very best, be confident and ride smart and most importantly enjoy myself.......oh and get a cappacino on the way home.....

I have been sorting photos this week and I look at my old school photos and I can see that I have come a long way since then......

OK, it is 17 years old versus 40.


Chris said...

I think we all struggle with being mentally ready to race. It is especially true where there are long racing seasons.

Buttsy said...

Thanks Chris for the support. I was very nervous tonight and I found getting dropped a bit hard, but I did get a chance to push hard and I will get better.


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