Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Back Again

Well after a few weeks from posting I guess a quick summary is needed:-

LAst Race - last Sunday and I rode the 63km Morwell to Glenmaggie handicap and I was in a middle group and finished just off the bunch as I struggled on the last attack after the scratch bunch had caught us and rode in with Nige, I was in the 16 minute bunch and Nige was in the 3 or 4 minute bunch and Shane was in the scratch bunch. Shane came 2nd and Ben Dowsett came in 3rd after Shane accidently rode in Bens path....I was pretty happy considering I havent races. I did not do as many turns as some of the guys, but that was good...and I won first lady home woo hoo.

Training - Has been going to plan although I am behind today as I feel like crap - just a monthly issue but felt fine this morning and walked Morph at 630 and then home shower and felt crap so went back to bed for a while now it is 1:16 and I have only been up for about an hour still feel average, but good enough to get my session out of the way

Sydney - Have got the masters race in about 8 days and then it is over, I am so underprepared so I dont think I will post a good time.....Who knows but seriously preparation helps a lot in this game as there is nowhere to hide, unlike the handicap on Sunday where I could hide in the bunch a bit and get a rest. No rest in eight laps next week.

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