Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, life just keeps itself busy which is agood thing, but I rode 100km this morning, and I am knackered for want of a better word today. The last 15km were spect watching the speedo and trying to work out how many songs I would listen to before the end (on the trusty IPOD).....I have put my SKINS on now and resting at the computer which is nice, I had a shower which I was looking forward to like you have no idea. Tommorrow is fast morning and I am not sure that I will have recovered enough to actually stay with the bunch but you never know. The SKINS had better do their bit. I did four sprints and some hill surges, but my last flight up 3GI was pitiful as I had nothing in my legs......I felt ok from a food and drink level, I was hungry when I got home, but I had my usual LCM bar and drinking staminade whilst riding and I think I rode for about 3:40 which is a good acheivement. Tommorrow is fast day and hopefully get in about 50km all up before work......Bring it on!

Must take the boof for a walk now, he had a big day yesterday posing for some stupid pictires...well not stupid, but he thought that his time could have been better spent sleeping instead of wearing party hats and being pushed around.....

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