Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fast Day cancelled

Well today was the fast day and Shane and I rocked up ready to ride, with our umpteen layers of clothing on...BUT it was really foggy and I checked my diary just before I left the house which said Night Shift tonight - Overtime , so I went home and back to bed and am going to do an easy ride later and then I will go to work.

Tommorrow however I HAVE to do a longer ride when I get home from work..then I can sleep..Well that is the plan and plans can change!

Shane rode, and the pace was down a bit as they rode a different circuit because of the fog. I took the boofhead for a walk and he loved it (as usual)...I MUST DO MY PILATES TODAY..I have been slack on the Pilates, and could have had it done by now. But I am going to sign off here and get on the floor and do my DVD! There Committed now.....

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