Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back into training

Well Feb 5th/6th and I hurt my backa t work and the Doctor gave me two weeks off and I got to have a scan to check that all was ok and now I am finally able to bend and lift again and have been back on the bike doing easy k's for a week but had my first hard hit out yesterday and it was ok, although today in the easy ride, I was feeling less than full fitness.....I have lost a bit of endurance and so longer rides start on Saturday. I will only do the 60 on Saturday but see how I go as I will be coming off night shift and it depends on how my back copes with the night work....

Again happy with my attitude to riding, am going to watch Shane race tonight weather permitting as it might get washed out. I cant race until I am feeling better in the back. My back is ok and getting better and doing some easy riding and walking is helping although the walking is tougher than the riding at the moment, I can do an hour on the bike but only 30 minutes walking......I will be happy to get back to work and finish off these case sheets and just get everything up to date I will do some this afternoon and try to have them all ready to key in with notes attached. I can sit at the table better and at the computer pain free which is good and so I can actually really have a go at getting all of my work up to date.

Not much else to report...Training is starting again and I have a few sessions to complete next week, but this week was about moving the legs and breaking my back into bike riding and moving....I can lift the washing basket and vacuum again now....woo hoo.

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