Tuesday, March 25, 2008

South Pacific Road Championships

Well just got home from the Easter weekend of racing and overall had a good weekend, my form is ok, I am a bit stronger than I thought I was, but still struggling a bit here and there. I won Gold medal in the Time TRial but bronze medals in the crit and the road race from bad tactics. I had a moment in the raod race where I was going to go but didint and in hindsight I should have, but my back brake was rubbing on my wheel as my wheel must have moved when i crossed the train line. In the handicap I was going very well, I was seriously flying a long and after staring at the 15 minute mark, the limit markers were at 33 minutes, there were 15 in my bunch at the start and we had dropped 10 of them by the 40km mark in the 65km race, I was riding very strongly...but when the big bunch caught me in a side wind at 13 km to go, I could not get any cover and my legs ran out, I kept chasing , but chasing 30 riders on a mission, with not enough in the legs is a way TALL ORDER so I came in about 50th overall of 130 riders and can rest on my lauresl of a good honest race and I think I would have won fastest woman as I came in about 2 minutes after the girsl in the 18 minute bunch and so I had gained a minute on them and considering I rode about 9km on my own, I think it was a great ride and with Sydney in a month I am hoping that I am coming into some form that I can hold for the Nationals....especially the time trial, but the time trial specialists will be out in force then so we will see, I havent had enough time trial training but still have a couple of weeks to go.....

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