Sunday, December 30, 2007

A year over and done with

OK, well the year is nearly over and it has been a big year on the bike. Best bit was a silver medal in teh pursuit in my age group at Nationals and competing at the worlds. Worst bit was my lack of motivation and enthusiasm later in the year.

My enthusiasm is back now 100km Thurs, 100km yesterday and 60 today all good solid efforts and a night shift thrown into the mix last night.

Rode will with the bunch today 5th to top of 3GI of about 11 riders. Emu, Ben, GaryJ, Mick in front of me and those that had dome a lot of work were behind me, Simon W, Andrew A, Dave D, Nige, Ian R, Dean M (he might have been in front)....Very happy with my riding and that was given a tough day yesterday. I am not the strongest in the bunch but can grit my teeth and hang on woo hoo...

Mood today for training - Excellent
Motivation for next year - Fantastic
Overall very happy today and I have even done some cleaning here at home...cleaned out the study and stuff - feeling very happy today and tommorrow is the last day of the year will ride in the am since it is going to be ridiculously hot and then I am working tommorrow night so I will rest in the arvo.
No gossip - just happy thoughts today

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