Monday, December 03, 2007

The Tour of Bright finished

Well it is over and thank goodness for that and my legs are HURTING today seriously......We raced up Mt HOtham yesterday and overall I am happy with the Tour. I think the times are wrong a bit as my time this year for stage 1 is slower than two years ago, but I know I am riding bettter.

In summary
- 4th in ITT - happy with that although would have liked to win some cash and get a better placing.
- Happy with my mindset on Hotham - seriously until the final climb I was feeling positive about the climb - kind of resolved in my approach to the climb and I did push hard on the flat section
- Happy with winning third in the Sprint points - Now that is seriously funny and I think I should start training to sprint because it might be something I can improve at - I KNOW I can improve - the question is just how much can I improve.
- The weekend was fun the weather was good and overall the best part was my attitude and how much more centred (I think that is a good choice of word) I felt....and not so much in the pressure cooker.
Oveerall I was 19th of about 34 in my grade, I think the gradings between A and B were a little out as the top girls in B could have easily been on the podium in A grade but that is no big deal it just means I have to train harder for next year.

Signing off happy here now.....

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GPLama said...

Great work on your Stage 2 ITT result. I rode the course the night before and liked at I saw.


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