Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Gotta Love the windtrainer. There is no doubt that I am getting stronger becasue of the windtrainer but seriously it is a bit hard at times. This week I have been on the windtrainer a lot, even after hard days on the bike. My last few days have been:-

Friday 3 x 15 mins above A/T (aerobic threshold) - It was ok

Saturday I raced 70 km and the last section was hard, I pushed on the hills a lot too and add to this my 15km warm up

Sunday - Rode 30km then linked up with the SEMC for a bit who did 50km and the final 20km was barely under 42kph it was fast for a long time then Shane Nige Ruby and I rode the triple hill circuit. Total for the day was 105km including some gut wrtenching speed and hills

Monday - WT 3 x 15 mins above AT my heart said yep yep but my legs were on strike. I did manage to do as good as I could to AT on firt two and then on the third section did a session of cadence - like SE work really grind a bigger gear at cadence of 70-75 for 15 minutes - felt light headed at the end of it and sweated a huge amount - happy with session

Tuesday - Was supposed to do sprints but my legs are trashed - seriously I rode with the fast SEMC group and then in the final sprint I struggled to hold the lead out at 46kph and so as the speed increased I went out the back. I had done a couple of chases in the ride so I did about 4 or 5 10 second sprints on my poor trashed legs.

Tommorrow going to the track

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