Tuesday, September 04, 2007


In addition to my last whinge about training, there is the fact that I am getting stronger too and the windtrainer must be a huge contributing factor there. At the race on Saturday I was easily one of the stronger riders in B grade on the hills. Compared to where I was in 2006 at the three day tour when the hills killed me and sent me packing out the back door, I have really moved forward in a big way, I am so happy with my improvement and so know when I am having a hard day on the trainer or the road that the results will come and sometimes just getting throught he training is the most important thing. I actually enjoy training and working hard and I know that my biggest problem in racing is my tactics and doubting. I alos believe that I am often floundering in the sprint as I never know what to do, this is confounded by practising sprinting with the fast group that ride away and then that makes me feel even more useless in a sprint and just destroys my confidence although today was because of tired legs as much as anything else. Need a sprinting mantra......go hard break the cranks and keep driving the bike - Drive the bike - I think when I think about driving the bike it makes me feel stronger and faster.....That will be my thoughts this weekend at Warragul - Drive the Bike !

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