Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back Home

We spent Easter up at BRight which is a cycling mecca as it has lots of hills/mountains and is a holiday destination for cyclists from mountain bikers to Road bikers. Last Year I broke three bones on a descent at Bright but this year managed three descents of Tawonga Gap, it is about a 9km climb and we rode it every morning, total ride 40-60km and one major climb and I got down the climb four times.

This is Mt Hotham........we drove over Hotham to get to Bright

As part of my photography course I was trying to get good B &W pics to channel my Ansell Adams (a master BW photographer) and so spent a few afternoons driving up mountains. This is just on Mt Buffalo. I took a couple of decent photos but just added this one quickly to the blog. We played golf one afternoon at Bright Golf course, I am no golfer, but bashed the ball around and tried not to destroy the greens.

The weather was perfect, we had family visiting during our trip too which was great, so bike riding, relaxing and spending time with friends and family was fun.
This was our ambient accommodation at Bright "Roses on the River". Shane loves to pick out accommodation and spends hours looking on the internet for somewhere to stay. I have my bed and a shower theory being a comfy bed and a hot shower as you will always remember those dodgy beds and cold showers more than a picture on the wall!.
Then I had uni for a week and no riding, so back into training this week........busy week this week, have another job interview and just heaps of things having a rest today and catching up on some internet things and still trying to figure out photoshop!


Krista said...

Great place to spend Easter weekend! Broken bones are never fun..good to hear you spared yourself that this year :) Love the pics! The ride sounds fun.

jeff said...

Climbs and descents, good weather and photo ops, and a little golf...
These are a few of my favorite things.

Red Bike said...

Climbs and descents in the sun, sounds like fun. We've FINALLY had our first warm day here in Britan.- Yay!

btw. I love the photographs

Buttsy said...

Krista, it was a great weekend,
Jeff I love the bike stuff, not sure about the golf, although we are following the golf here at the moment, How is Tom Watson! What a legend!
Britain and warm weather ...Cant believe you used both of those words together in a sentence reading the blogs, it looks like you are all going to start getting some nicer riding weather now.

Groover said...

Oh Buttsy, you spent the weekend in Bright. I'm jealous. ;-)

Good luck with your job hunt.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

beautiful pictures!!!

Bluenoser said...

Being an Adams myself Ansell would be proud of your attempt. ( hint: Ansell liked to step back and make the big picture Buttsy )


Anonymous said...
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