Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wedding photos

I have just uploaded some wedding photos to the blog (even though I try to keep it cycling), but hey we are both cyclists and if you look you can see my bike tan (under the fake tan) on my arms.

We got married at a small private beach near Manly just north of Sydney and I highly recommend being in a memorable place, being on a boat after the wedding and going under the Harbour Bridge and by the Sydney Opera House was just too surreal. No pics of that as the photographer didnt come on the boat with us.

There were just four of us and the celebrant
 at the beach:-

Oh and Little Dovey (the Teddy Bear) at the
front, he even wore a little tux jacket.

I was quite emotional (nothing new there) and this was during the vows.

Then we signed the certificates and had a couple of
posed photos

We had some nice pics taken on the beach

But the photo at the bottom of the wharf would be my favorite as it was getting later in the day and it is just a great pic. It was just before we got on the water taxi and taken on our harbour "cruise"

The photographer sent us a disc with about 300 photos on it and I made a DVD of the pics using a program I have, adding some music and some movement to the images and it makes me cry......and we had to choose 40 pics for an album. I think she did a great job of capturing the whole emotion of the day and lets face it that is what makes anything in life......big days like weddings, it is about the emotion and the occaision and we got some lovely photos too of us posed smiling, but the wedding ones are my favorites.

BIKE RIDING - OK, I have had a couple of weeks not motivated to ride the bike sine getting home, have had some stress and some study to do and today got back "on the horse" and am about to start training for a big time trial in January....So I will keep this up to date of my whole progress on the bike as I will have to do some testing with my HR Monitor to see where I am at. I know after todays ride, I need to get stronger and fitter.........I have a chem exam on Monday and then I have got time to train HARD!


Lawrence said...

Beautiful photos Judith. Your dress is gorgeous. Congratulations (again!)

AMR said...

They are good pictures and the Harbour Cruise sound great!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

CONGRATS again, and love the pics! LOL at the teddy bear in a tux! absolutely beautiful, I especially love the last two of you standing up by the rocks :)

Mike J said...

Those pics are awesome. Sounds like a great wedding.

331 Miles said...

Lovely! Congratulations.

Buttsy said...

Hey Lawrence I knew you would be the first one to write a comment.....hope you arent sick of the wedding stuff as I did a write up then on facebook and now some pics my work is done.....I made a DVD for our parents too...but that is NOT going on You Tube! The Harbour cruise was a water taxi which seats about 10 people and it started out choppy and I thought oh no bad idea....but it ended up being a good idea and mane the whole day seem not quite real.
The teddy in a tux was a highlight and Mel, we have pics of us climbing up rocks and down rocks......The wedding worked out better than planned, with the weather and everything, it just was......didnt have to put on too many fake smiles....let me see, on holidays, great weather, good company and happy times without stress....
Thats it about the wedding now...I have to get focussed on cycling!!!

trio said...

Looks a lovely day! I like seeing real life stuff as well as biking stuff!

Bluenoser said...

I must say I have tears in my eyes.


Donna said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing such a personal part of your life! The pictures are beautiful (I love that bottom one too!). You guys just look like you belong together! :)


A dream that was once lost but now found... said...

Wow you look amazing. The photos are beautiful Buttsy.


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