Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Full of Resolution

Well it is January 5th and so only day 5 since we set all of those New Years Resolutions, so how do you stick to them. My big one was to be consistent in my training and in my eating as the day after Christmas I weighed myself and realised I had put on 5kg in the past 5 months (sneaking kilos), so I have gone back to my old weight watchers books and yesterday I rejoined weight watchers. It all sounds a bit dramatic, but seriously the best things about weight watchers are:-

- The support of others (and supporting others)
- The meetings are good and a good time out to reflect on your own life, get some personal time
- You get great recipes...lots of ingredients that are good that you might have forgotten about or never tried.

I love the recipes and I have now got all of the info about the new propoints plan which is great and once you get your head around the first couple of weeks and your eating habits, you find there are so many great low points things you can eat like fruit and most vegies (not to excess of course...but great for snacking)


Well the aim is consistent training, so I got on the Kurt Kinetic trainer, and to be consistent, I always have the bike set on the trainer the same amount, when the wheel touches the trainer I wind the trainer onto the wheel by 4.5 turns and always have 110 pounds of air in the tyre too, so it is always the same.
 Today was 5 intervals at 100 cadence at a set gear, the benefit of making sure the trainer is always seet the same means that you can use a particular gear and compare results from time to time.

Today was hard work

I have my garmin set up and a towel and a drink and TV (and a fan which you cant see in this picture)

We also have a selection of DVD's and music from time to time (when TV is when there is only cricket on).

So far this week, I have stuck to my program so by the end of the week I will get a Gold Star (well I have to give myself that)

Diet and exercise, just stick to it, one bit at a time and make sure you make short term and long term goals.
My short term goals are week to week - stick to the program and watch what I eat, and long term I have some races I would like to target and I want to actually look fitter....must put a pic on here....will do that next time. I have also been testing ouyt the new SKINS I got from SKINS to try and they are great, I will have more info on that next time......I have been reading about them and wearing them on longer rides, even got my long SKINS out to wear walking this week, as I have been walking my dog for about 1.5 hours a day (he has to lose weight too) and the SKINS were great.


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jeff said...

Good luck. I need to get going with some weight/training goals just to do some touring this summer. BTW, I'd start with Spinervals, but end up with Seinfeld.


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