Monday, August 10, 2009

Checklist for Friday

OK it is just a time trial (oh yeah the state championships), so time to get my race checklist ready:-
Accommodation - check

I took this today to check my position on the bike and I am pretty happy with position on the bike, I made a couple of changes but only mm nothing much as I have time trialled on the bike before. I had one video with my dogs head right in front of the camera, but he decided to come over a bit closer and check my position on the bike, think he must have been happy because he walked away. Will head out later with disc and 404 in to check that everything is running smoothly and ready.
Skinsuit - check
Bootie covers - Borrowed some
Music on IPOD for warm up - I went and saw Pink in concert last weekend so I should take some of her stuff...."get the party started".....maybe some ACDC - Highway to is how a time trial can feel........
Make sure helmet is packed
HR monitor and speedo work on everything..
It is exciting...and my goal is to ride a good time and gain a lot of experience in the event 28km of pain and suffering...what a way to start a weekend.
I have to check that I am allowed to wear my Victoria skinsuit...I should be as I bought it to be able to wear in any time trial event so I think it will be fine.....There are so many rules about clothing.......
I am babbling because I am nervous thinking about it all at the moment....
My training last week went really well and I had a great ride yesterday in the bunch, started with the slower bunch and then went with the faster bunch when they caught us and did a couple of turns to keep the pace up, it was a great ride and I think I should feel good by Friday, today is a spin on the bike (short one) to test the gear but nothing much, tomorrow is some short intervals and thursday is an engine starter ride and Friday is the ITT..


Groover said...

Good luck. You'll be just fine! Thanks for reminding me to get a skinsuit. I bought a time trial helmet last weekend. Will try it out in our club itt championship next Saturday morning - 33 km of suffering. Yeah!

Donna said...

I get excited for you just reading this. You're gonna do great! Good luck to you!

Buttsy said...

Groover, the helmets are great and make you feel fast..33 km is a long way so good luck and I know you will be fine.

Thanks Donna, it is exciting, I have never entered anything quite like this....we do National Masters but that doesnt even seem quite so big....Hopefully everything will go well.

ribuck97 said...

Good luck in the TT!!!


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