Friday, May 16, 2008

Must be getting serious about training

The pic is from the Police Games a few weeks ago, thought I would add it as I enjoy racing those games
Well today I did 90kms including some hard hill efforts - SE efforts - Strength Endurance. This is on top of the 100 I did on Wednesday and I must say I was tired, but my average speed on Wed was about 27.5 and today was about 28.8 and considering I focussed more on hills today I was a bit surprised. I did the 8km time trial which has two nasty pinches in it and I rode a flat 14 which was good considering I added in about 200metres and started on a rolling start. Had a good tailwind on Boundary Creek Road...actually top speed the other day was 13:45 so I was happy, but they had to start stopped, I did add 200 metres for this reason and I had to stop at the corner, and the other day they had Marshalls which would have helped them to judge the cars.

I am a bit surprised at how focussed I was today, it ebbs and flows, I did do Pilates last night and have a few sore spots...but tommorrow is a day off the bike...just walk the dog and do pilates..the DVD goes for about 30 minutes which is not too bad and you get a good workout, it looks easy, but you sweat.....

Not much else happening here, just resting and doing some work, am behind on the case sheet audit and have to present some stuff to Gibbo on Monday so I have to make sure I know where I am at...working on the weekend day shifts so I can hopefully get into the PCR audit there...

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