Friday, December 21, 2007


Yesterday up at 530 and rode with SEMC very fast and happy to hang on until the end...although I faded as the pace went up for the sprint whilst we were doing 45kph!!! It was a confidence boosting ride and good for my head for racing. Then went to work..then work christmas party and inbed by 11 up today 530 and SEMC Freaky Friday ride and breakky here.

There is a huge improvement in my mood this week...the black cloud has lifted and I think that I am ready for a good summer of training. Have ridden 30 this morning and will do 70 this afternoon to get the 100 in for the day with some ITT effort in the mix...that will mean back on the bike by much to do so little time.....oh and just cleaned up after breakfast..we had 12 around for breakky...and I have to work the next thjree days so have to do Christmas shopping TODAY...the last bit of it...

"Life isnt so short that there isnt time for courtesy!"

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