Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lance - We saw him

We got to Adelaide on Thursday and had a quiet night and found ou that Lance had "twittered" a ride here in Glenelg for today....the chance to ride with Lance.......we decided straight away that we were not going to ride with him, but would come down and have a look and then go for a ride when it was quieter. That proved to be a good move as there were some falls in the bunch and there were thousands here to ride with Lance. This is a quick pic of the people that were grouping for the twitter ride about 30 minutes before the ride start. There were all types, road bikes, mountain bikes, fold up was a huge day.

Then who should arrive but the man himself, and I was right in the best spot to get a pic...I could have touched him....but didnt...I got a great pic of his bike it was a highlight to see him in the flesh.

This was on top of meeting Stuart O Grady yesterday in the city

So we are in Cycling heaven here....just hanging out with the pros....the best part was though that we rode later than Lance and missed the big bunch, but we saw Team Milram and TEam Garmin out training and THEN we came around a corner and there was team Rabobank and we sat on the back of them for about 10km......very exciting...we said hi to Graeme Brown (their gun sprinter) and it was a real highlight.....dont speak much dutch though..Shane took a video of me on the Back but will have to see if I can bluetooth it over later to the laptop.............
Tour Downunder starts tomorrow with a crit (not part of the actual tour but all of the teams ride), it is more of an exhibition event...and then first stage is Tuesday.......I cant wait!...if I get some good photos I will put them here.....Go Aussies!!!!!!


Groover said...

Damn, Judith, you are rubbing shoulders with a lot of famous people lately ... have some of their strength and race craft rub off. LOL

Wish I was in Adelaide, too. :-(

Donna said...

Sounds like a fabulous time! Even if I could have spoken dutch, I would have been "star struck"!

Did I ever tell you the story of how I rode "with" Lance? Well, he and his posse passed me on the Livestrong course -- it sounded like a swarm of bees!

Oh, and he was on like mile 90-something if his 100... I was on mile 40 something of my 60! LOL So, yeah, I rode with him for about a nano-second.

jeff said...

Very cool! Can't wait to see some pics of the action. I got near to the pros during the Tour of Missouri, and it was exciting.

Mike J said...

holy cow! How cool is that.

Buttsy said...

It was funny that we got close to LAnce basically because we didnt want to do the ride with him.......the whole day worked out much better...If we had done the ride we would have been lucky to catch a glimpse of him......we were just standing in the right place becasue we had no bikes...I blame my new camera....if I stil had my old compact I would have had it in my back pocket....but I couldnt take my new camera riding.....


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