Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another week and the typical result

The dreaded diary pages - Well it was a mixed weekend of racing for me. Seriously I have to be happy with the fact that I was the fastest female time trial for the weekend of 25 women so that was a plus and my ride in the handicap was not to be sniffed at either since it was a good honest ride and I worked very hard in E3 nearly the whole way so that was a plus but my sprinting sucks in a big way and I know I have to train it. The biggest problem is my top speed so tonight I did 2 sprints and last night I did two as well. Last night my top speed was 38.5 into a slight headwind and after a hard ride, tonight I got to 43.5 into a side wind which was much better. But I have to get my leg speed up and my confidence needs to improve in a big big way. I have to have some help but they have to give me nothing but positiver feedback or else I will go nowhere fast...well slow if you consider my sprinting abliity. Mick got to 52 at the end of 300m sprint so my aim is to get to 45 initially after a 300 metre sprint with very little wind, so I guess lets move a step back...I got to 42 at the end of my 300m sprint so lets start there and my sprints will be focussing on top speed at the moment. It will be me and the Mad One on the road......trying hard....very disappointed in my sprinting but I dont work on it so I guess I have to expect that for now

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