Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time flies......getting busy

Well like most of us from time to time, I have been a bit absent from blogland for a few weeks....and there has been a bit happening in bike racing. Last weekend I raced the Tour de River which is a three stage road race at Latrobe City and it was tough. I was in C grade and ended up 3rd in the time trial, 6th in Stage 2 and last in stage 3. Stage three was really hilly and I was trashed. I started my new hills campaign about 5 weeks ago and I am starting to do some long rides, I rode 100km this morning which was tough too.

Then last Saturday was the Maffra Mardi Gras Crits, I was in C grade (A to E on offer) and I was happy with my ride, unlike the week before when I had a mini meltdown after the final stage as I was seriously knackered. IN the crit, the intermediate sprints I was dropped on the first one, last on the second one (of about 12 riders, 6th in the third and 5th in the fourth so that was amnazing result for me. The big difference is that I was trying and not just thinking "I cant sprint so whats the point" ...maybe that should be in capitals. I even had some pics taken which was great I took pics of ABDE and a friend from Warragul took C so I am in them...yippee.

 I am in the ambulance gear and the middle pic was after the fourth sprint where I was fifth........I think this is a turning point in my sprinting........

This Sunday si the Stratford to Dargo road race which will be hard and my legs might be suffering after todays ride.....will wait and see.

My photography course is great and I have to get some pictures done over the next few weeks, I have to research a master photographer and try to emulate their style. I havent found one yet...That is tonights job, research master photographers. I think there is one named "Minor White" who I want to start researching, but seriously I think it is their name that fascinates me as much as anything.

I finished my patchwork quilt and it looks awesome..pic to go on here soon, just as soon as I take one.

That is about it for now. I am happy at the moment, busy and life is ok.....I am into Biochem stuff which is testing and I have a math assignement due nest Monday and that will be testing too, that is tomorrows job and it is Biochem on Thurs and Fri.....I just divide up my week and usually give each subject a day or so and then I can focus on that. I do one long ride eachg mid week and so that is a photography day too which was good today as I got my new photoshop book in the mail and it is going to be awesome. I think this book will help solve some of PS mysteries....who knows. The book acknowledges that PS is a difficult programme to learn as it is packed full of things.......

So Photography and two subjects of a Nutritionist course, and I think I am going to have to look for a job soon........not sure..........BUT no more sewing projects until I get further into my courses and have less reading to do.

Hope everyone is well and training hard and getting results they are happy with...results dont have to be first places, but a sense of acheivement and getting the benefits from training are important in keeping you motivated to go harder........Must go it is 7:00 and the "Biggest Loser" is on TV soon and I dont like missing it...The Commando is HOT!


ItchyBits said...

You look very fit! Good job on the racing - you are far more ambitious than me!

Mike J said...

I'm interested in making my own energy gel for long rides. I've done a little research but and I think I've come up with a recipe that I'm going to develop but I'm curious if you've learned anything about this in your nutrition class. Got any ideas for me?

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

You look so professional. Great job. That makes me tired.

Buttsy said...

ITchybits...Thanks, I mainly ride local races, but Shane and I race at National Titles in our age group and that is fun and a great goal to train for. Do you have goals? Sometimes even just riding x number of times a week or x number of miles is an ambitious goal.

Mike J - We are still in the chemistry side of things and havent really looked at the food side yet.....just how many Carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms and the structures....I have found some good info about nutrition so will pass that on.

Journey beyond - I love my race kit as it makes me feel fast. Which is good, our average speed on the crit was 38.3kph over 50mins so it was constant. The start was very fast and I thought I was in trouble then, but it calmed down (Thank goodness)

Thanks for all of your comments


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