Thursday, March 19, 2009

Racing last night

OK last night I raced at Latrobe City and it was a graded handicap over 4 grades, I raced B grade - it was 36kms (or thereabouts) and the first lap we averaged 40kph, I did not work with the bunch much as it was a bit quick early for me...the second lap, at the end I got a bit weird and dropped off the bunch and then proceeded to get lost on the circuit...WHHAAT??? well I have a coupleof weird episodes when pushing extremely hard on the bike, this one, and one about 5 years in a race. I get a bit disoriented and end up dropping off the bunch...anyway it happened last night, I was spewing because I was riding so well and so happy about my race..but anyway I ended up spending last night in hospital and having an MRI this morning which just showed I have some scar tissue in my head from a fall I had on the bike about 6 years ago and that is what causes the problem, so I have to just have to be a bit careful....last year out training I got lost and rang Shane and he came and got now we know why......last nights race was very fast and I hadnt eaten anything either which doesnt help.....I have had afternoon rides with no food which is a bad idea.......always have staminade that helps!

So my bike computer says the first 12km ave speed 40,0
then the next 13km my ave was only about 36.3, but to show in my last lap where I only rode 6km before someone picked me up in a car I averaged 15.9 as I was walking some of that because I felt a bit too unsteady to ride the bike..

So yes it is a worry, and I am having an EEG in the next couple of weeks but I was pretty happy to be racing and averaging 40kph in a mainly flat course with two slow rises, one about 500m and one about 1km, see how I feel next week, but I definitely want to race again but will just have to pull out of the race if I begin to feel funny, It was toward the end of the second lap that I started to feel a bit strange last night and I was already at the back.....I was at the back to save energy but would have moved there had the feelings started whilst I was elsewhere in the bunch
Anyway I didnt win, Shane got third fastest time as he was in the A grade bunch wqho averaged about 42kph for the race, it was fast and fun, I was loving it before I went AWOL.....Shane was happy to get third in the sprint as there are some pretty fast guys in that bunch. My bunch was about 12 riders and they are all very good and I am disappointed I didnt get to finish the race but I am definitaly getting fitter and wished I could have tried to stay with them til the end.

Better luck next time.


Chris said...

That is a good average speed over 12km. Is there something that they can do for the disorientation? Medicine or something? It sounds like you were flogging it hard before things got wierd. Good job.

Mike J said...

That's kind of scary about your disorientation. Sounds like you were flying before it hit. Hopefully, you'll be able to manage it in the future.

Groover said...

Hope the test results all come back alright. Good job in the race and it's also good to know that it doesn't start so suddenly that you put yourself at risk of crashing. Take care. We want to race Bright together - remember! LOL

Buttsy said...

Thanks Chris Mike and great to see you back Groover....I was trying to highlight a lot of the positives in what is a pretty awful night....I have a lot of very vague recollections of the drive home and arriving at hospital and everything....but the MRI said no tumours or any nasty surprises, just scar tissue, which we suspected anyway and I feel fine - feel completely normal and back at work tomorrow night so another day today to lounge around and try to get some things done at home

Buttsy said...

PS Groover I am still on a raincheck on the rollers thing....just not until I am travelling at 100%......I mean I feel ok, feel normal and this is a delay tactic totally.....but might as well milk it while I can...then the battle of the rollers is on!

Bluenoser said...

Hey, sorry to hear about the troubles but you were really flying.

Just a thought, bloodpressure. Hammering away like that it's probably high but if the blood is trying to feed the overworked muscles then Ms. Brain isn't getting all the oxygen it needs perhaps?


Buttsy said...

Well, I am in the "testing" thing at the moment, I have to have an echo on my ticker on Sat (because I have a low resting heart rate....riding a lot might have something to do with that), and I have to have a brain check (an EEG) on the 7th rule out anything there too...I think it might just be that my body doesnt like high physical stress when I am emotionally stressed as well and the glucose thing gets out of whack a theory anyway...thanks for the comment and good to see you havent thrown in the blogging thing yet....


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