Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Masters Track

Well I have been home for a

few days now after competing in the Individual Pursuit at the World Track Championships (masters only) in Sydent. Shane and I decided that this year would be a toe in the water type event and then next year we will be much better prepared and have a better chance of trying to get a medal. I think to be honest I was a bit disappointed after my pursuit as I rode a 2:47 (which was a PB by nearly 2 seconds) but I wanted to ride under 2:45 and was so close for the first 6 laps of 8 and then just blew up. The good parts of the ride, were gopod warm up, drank lots, ate well, and was reasonably calm even on the bike in the starting blocks. Bad points were too big a gear and going out too hard, even after watching some of the guys blow themselves up by going out too hard.....I did say it was a learning curve. I got to wear the national colours which was great and the atmosphere at the track was fantastic. Everyone on the whole is supportive and helpful and there were no obvious big egos around which is is supposed to be fun isnt it.

Driving back to Manly after the event, both Shane and I were very quiet, it was sad to finish and net time I will enter more events, maybe even a race if I get some practice over the next twelve months. I am very proud of my acheivemnet in riding track and very proud that I managed to get through the day with no tears (well maybe just one or two). I think I will get my own track bike as if Shane and I both ride some other races, we will need the bike set up for ourtselves.

Great fun, worth the trip and so now I will have to get training and ready for next year...hopefully I will be in 5 year age group, not ten like this year. My event had 11 in my age group, but we got merged in with the next age group.....not quite fair really it doesnt really encourage women to race in the masters at all

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