Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Goals

Well this year has come to an end and so it is time to start thinking of those new year cycling goals.
IN summary this year:-
- I crashed one frame (wrecked it)
- Got a new coach
- Lacked some motivation at times during the year
- Raced average at National Masters events
- Raced average (but improving) at Tour of Bright
- Bought a Garmin 500 (Love it ...although I forget to push Power Off and have to charge it everyday...theres one for the resolutions)
- Race One of three days of the Three Day Tour in Gippsland (lack of fitness and motivation)
-Started a Core Strenngth program

Oh and personally
Finished up with my job (That is a long story), I crashed my car, I had my parents living here for 5 months, but I did complete a Cert IV in photoimaging and completed 4 more diettian subjects so new things are on the horizon

So it is easy to plan 2011 goals by looking at the 2010 list and making some "notes to self"

I will only put 5 goals here as I think the rest will come as I think about them more

1. Be more consistent with riding, I should have learned from Mountain BIker Jess Douglas (world Champ) from her blog where she says

No Short Cuts, just consistence and people who say you can do it and

I wrote this in my training diary in October but things kind of went pear shaped for a while personally. My new coach has been great but now it is up to me (with his guidance) short "Head focussed"

2. Race the Three Day Tour and be prepared for it and believe in myself

3. Race Masters focussing on the Time Trial and be trained and ready

4. Focus on Core Strenght

5. Believe in myself more and be confident

When I am focussed I do improve and enjoy my new fitness.......Just this week I have been really consistent which is great and we all know that anything is possible if you dare to dream (but you have to take action as well)

It was a big year perhaps not as I would have planned it but John Lennon was credited with saying

Life is what happens to you, while you are busy making other plans!


John Berry said...

Good luck for 2011...

jeff said...

All the best in 2011!

Groover said...

Happy New Year! All the best to you and Shane and I hope we'll be able to catch up again this year (for a bit longer than 30 seconds :-)

Buttsy said...

Thanks guys.....2011 looks to be a better year...not sure where it wil take me yet...


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