Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I am not superwoman!!!!

OK, just a word of warning.......just and when you think you have it all and can do it all...reality hits and you find out that in fact..YOU CAN'T!!!! (More exclamation Marks are required here, but in view of the current economic downturn, we are having a reduction in punctuation this week)!!!

This year, I have been buzzing along, at work running with a student, doing the clinical audit role, training on the bike and racing, working full time, just started a new degree, and had my parents living with me for the past four months and I have just realised that I just cannot do it all. It is just too hard....well clinical audit role (handing that back this week), mum and dad (leaving in ten days or so), study (will continue at this stage after losing two other stressors) and bike riding will continue as it is too much fun. I had to go and see a doctor about my funny episodes I have had on the bike and he has said to see how I go with the removal of some stressors.

Tonight it all came to a head, when in a Heart rate session on the windtrainer where I usually get my HR to about 158-160, I could barely get over 140 and I have had a quietish week, so stress is there.

I have an exam next week on anatomy and physiology (have hardly studied, but hopefully will nail it) had my time trial bike set up this week properly and it is fast......

I raced in Melbourne with Southern Vets in a crit on Sunday, in C grade, there were 15 starters and I came 6th (the other girl in the race came 5th), I went with the wrong break at the end. Felt good during the race and in the tail wind up the main straight I was hitting 50kph and riding the others off my wheel, before turning L into a massive headwind on a slight uphill (I referred to this as the wall).

I have also been a big fan of the biggest loser on TV and they are all facing their fears at the momen, I have cried during so many episodes. I was a fatty at school and once I got into fitness lost a lot of weight and although am not skinny, I have a BMI of around 23 which is healthy! The biggest loser reminds me of sonme of the fundamental things that can make you succesful on the bike, just be focussed, dont be scared to fail, it is not going to be weasy all of the time, but the rewards are worth it. I am a believer in some of the hard sessions I do, like tonight, instead of just getting off the bike, I made it a cadence session and just ignored heart rate and it was good.

We are going away on Good Friday to Bright for a few days to ride some mountains and have a rest (now that is so wrong rest/mountains huh?), and then to uni for a couple of days for me. I have started a dietician course to get my head back into learning, dont think I will finish it, have other plans in advancing my skills as a paramedic, but you just never know...depends on how it fits into my life too. Need to be more flexible (body and mind)......Have a good easter everyone, I will be eating chocolate...YUM


Mike J said...

Glad you chose to stick with cycling. It's tough to be involved with way to many things at the same time. Have a great break and enjoy those hills.

Groover said...

But you are pretty close in my books. :-) Have a great Easter break!

Chris said...

Best of luck reducing stress. Stress can take a huge toll on people physically. Happy Easter.

Bluenoser said...

Nice job on the new page! It looks really good.


Buttsy said...

Thanks everyone for the nice is what makes blogging so much fun, we are a very supportive community.....Hope you all had a great Easter..mine was interesting...Post to Come and that will explain everything!

Donna said...

"OK, just a word of warning.......just and when you think you have it all and can do it all...reality hits and you find out that in fact..YOU CAN'T!!!!"

You mean I can't? OMG... no one told me. LOL

Seriously, though, I've learned the hard way! From what I've read so far, you are about as close to Superwoman as humanly possible. :)

Buttsy said...

Thanks Donna sorry for taking so long to put your comment on, I didnt see it as I dont go into that part of the blog stuff much...thank you it was a nice thing to say and I appreciate it.


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