Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tour Downunder - Twitter ride - Lance Armstrong

The first big event of the TDU was the Lance Armstrong "Twitter" ride which was dedicated to the flood effort in qld and all involved twittered to donate money to the Flood Relief fund in Qld. A good idea, if you haven't already, then donate some cash to the fund.

I got a Prime place to take some shots and say hi to Lance - I was very excited.....   :-)
Lance was signing autographs at the start of the "Twitter" ride

Lance practised his Aussie slang, with a Gday and a Cobber (who talks like that), and then shared stage with Mick Rogers, teammate Robbie McEwan and Stuart O'Grady

All the riders said a few words with a safety message being a common theme
Our local riders getting ready to go and see the start of the Twitter ride

Leopard Trek bikes - and Stuart O'Grady's legs

Riders of all shapes and sizes shared the Cancer message.

A lot of riders heading off to do the Twitter Ride

Lots of Bikes of all prive brackets and abilities

Radioshack wanna be's
A good fun day on the bike with Lance

Not sure how fast this guy went, or how easy he was to draft off.


John Berry said...

Ohhh I am brimming over with envy....

Suppose I should go on out into the rainy British winter for a few miles...

jeff said...

Great pics! Looks like a fun day. Thanks for sharing.

Buttsy said...

John - Well when summer gets there it wont be so wet and Jeff no probs. Cant believe how many people line up to ride with Lance.....all shapes and sizes, mountain bikes and road bikes....amazing


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