Friday, July 17, 2009

What the? Thursday 13?

After reading the blog from Tri like a girl and her list of 13 things...I tried to find out the significance of the whole Thursday 13 thing and since I try to keep this blog totally cycling I thought what 13 things can I write about my cycling....13km, 13 intervals, max speed 13kph....trying to think and the lightbulb went off!

13 things totally cycling to acheive(d) this week ....ends Sunday.....

1. Follow my training programme as set out by my coach totally (including core strength)
2. Do intervals (have done them this week...and properly!)
3. Fix up HRM on my training bike
4. Fix seat on training bike
5. Clean my bike and Shanes bike for racing tomorrow
6. Clean TT bike too (could have included in above but forget)
7. Take camera to race tomorrow (kind of cycling)
8. Pedals on TT bike need adjusting especially the R foot
9. Clean up some of the mess of bike stuff in the shed...there literally is gloves and stuff everywhere and I need to tidy one section up (to start with)
10. Put new cleats on my old bike shoes (which are now my cold wet weather bike shoes as they can get dirty and I dont get too concerned)
11. Fix the handlebar tape on my racing bike and replace the plug on the right hand side.
12. Make sure I cool down after the race tomorrow properly and stretch
13....did I say core strength and stretch already...well ditto ditto ditto.....must strecth more and do core strength.......AM I HEARING MYSELF STRETCH AND CORE STRENGTH........I hate it when I nag myself......

OK...that was fun, now I have to turn off Oprah and get out to the shed........


Mike J said...

Pretty cool list. Looks like you've got a lot of cleaning and adjusting to do this week.

Groover said...

Corrective nagging gets you results ... :-)

"Hey Groover, have you stretched today? Come on, get off the computer and do your core strength exercises?"

... mmmmmh, maybe it doesn't work?

It usually works when Alberto does it to me. LOL


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