Friday, November 30, 2007

Pre Tour nerves

Last night raced the crit at Maffra, I rode B grade and we averaged 39.3 and A grade averaged 39.5 and there are also reports of B grade being quicker. I think the main difference between the grades is that A graders are more tactical and they had some slowlaps when everyone was waiting for the action to start. Anyway I was there until the end and I cornered one of the last corners badly, in hindsight I should have been in a better position during the whole last lap, and I finished last as I had to make up a gap....but it was fast and although I am not enjoying coming last, I did race well....I positioned myself well a lot of the time, and I did put in a huge effort. so big pat on the back to me (Gotta keep the confidence up....I have a few tears in my eyes now...which is I guess just a bit of frustration, dont think it is disappointment, I think just an overwhelming feeling...maybe I am actually happy that I rode well....snaps to me!)

Didnt sleep all that well last night, the same as all of this week really, nervous about the tour of Bright which I shouldnt be as it is a simple race:-

1. Ride with bunch
2. Dont do too much work
3. Ride hard on hills
4. Try not to get dropped, dig in as required
5. Keep going hard and at the end of the stage rest

Then there is the time trial and we are the first group on (Womens B) so that should be good to have it over with early....last year we were last and I nearly needed headlights.....Hope I am in a good place in the bunch and can pass a few people....fingers crossed.

My goal this weekend is to have a serious dig on day one and ride as hard as I can, but in hindsight I think I did the same last year. Mt Hotham should be hard, will ride hard and keep fingers crossed.

I think I am happier now.....things are going well....I must never lose sight of the fact that I am going well on the bike, I came from a childhood where I never played sport and that I am a female racing against guys and some of these guys have been racing for a long time. Pats on the back now and smile and confidence that this weekend will be fun and good racing.....havent done any real ITT training for a while, but fitness should help a lot.

YAY........Bring on the Tour

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