Sunday, June 14, 2009

Time Trial Results - Things were fun!

OK todays time trial stats - from basic info

20km undulating
Not much wind - although it felt a bit breezy (imagination I think)
Time 32:38
Average Speed -36.78

How did I feel -I found I lost time on the uphill bits. I rode the disc, but only a few times was I doing 40kph which is where they tell me the disc comes into its own. My legs are still struggling on anything going up and so I am going to have to get some real training on those bits as they are letting me down - Power to the thighs and just push up the hill
Not sure what training in particular will get me up the hills quicker but will find out.

Overall happy with my time, happy with the whole thing it was a nice day - sorry no pics today forgot to take my camera. Would like to have taken a pic of Stewies TT helmet where his frineds had put a big vinyl sticker on it which said "knobhead" how funny. Stew looked a treat in knicks, compression socks, and overshoes - none matched but he rode well

fastest time was Dave A in about 30:54. then Marc in about 31 and then Shane in 31:08 and then Stew in 31: 18 then me and the others were all well back. Not very well attended but it was a good ride. I thought Dave Marc Shane and Stew would have all cracked the 40kph mark, but the course was tough!


331 Miles said...

Nice report; sounds like you accomplished what you wanted for this TT. And I wish you had a photo of the "knobhead" sticker!

Donna said...

Awesome job with the TT!

So wished you had the camera! :)

A dream that was once lost but now found... said...

Well done on the TT. I think I want to get a TT bike now.

Mike J said...

Well done on the TT. Do you feel the wind more with the disc?

Groover said...

I'm with Nikki (A dream ...). I want a TT bike and helmet! Great time you posted. Something to aim for since our state titles will be run on undulating roads, too. Would you share your training plan with me?

Philippe said...

Everyone want a TT bike :P

Good job avs of 36 is great!

Buttsy said...

Thanks everyone - will try to get a pic of the sticker for you when I see him at the next

I think the disc was good - we have a Zipp disc which is set up for the track at te moment, but I look forward to dragging that out. It wasnt very windy, but I do think undulating country is not good for ME with a disc, maybe if I was stronger.....a disc comes into its own when you go quicker and undulations mean you slow down and then you have to power up what is effectively a heavier wheel.

Groover I will give you some of the stuff my coach gets me to do, we are in the middle of getting a new programme.

Phillipe - 36 sounds ok, I averaged 38 on a flatter course the week before and I am aiming for an average of 40 on a 20km time trial - that is my goal and I will get it someday......

Love the ITT bike - it is a fast bike, just have to get the legs in the same mindset.....and the helmet makes you feel the part and seriously the helmet stops the wind around your ears, which is a nice feeling you feel so much

Groover will email you once I have more info...although today I am studying for an exam (again) and so have to get off the cycling thing and hit the books.

Donna said...

In response to your note, that's the thing about this drink; it's all natural. It's just coconut water and water. Nothing else added. I am extremely skeptical when it comes to chemicals as I am trying to be kinder to my thyroid and rid myself of processed foods. I will try it today!

Buttsy said...

Thanks Donna I didnt want to sound skeptical, but Hey I am stidying food and nutrition at the moment and a little skeptical about everything in a packet or can or bottle....

Lily on the Road said...

Sounds incredible. Sounds like your goal is within arms reach, good for you and good luck!!

Oh, thanks for stopping by my blog, don't be a stranger!

Richard said...

Our local club does road and mountain bike time trials. I'm afraid I'm not very good at the road time trials and usually do 10 miles in around 27 minutes. I could probably go faster if I had aerobars, but those things feel weird.


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