Friday, March 06, 2009

Racing this weekend

OK, a couple of things today, just briefly. I am racing this weekend in a three day tour. Day one is a 30km ITT, Day 2 is a 30 min crit and Day three is an 80km road race.

Firstly number one is that I am sitting here (approx 17 hours before I hit the start line), and I know I have drunk too much white wine before the ITT...damn it....I havent drunk heaps, probably 3/4 of a bottle and it has hit me hard...see night shift last night, not much sleep and wine...not a good mix really.

Anyway I am about to go to bed to rest, it is going to be a good weekend of racing and I am looking forward to it especially the time trial and I have no doubt I will feel fine on the start line (if the wind dies down) and hope to ride well. Wont be on the new bike and that is a long story adn too much to write here (while my bed is calling me) and so will get back to that one.

There is B and C grade to choose from, my other half who usually rides one grade (or two in some cases) above me is in B so I think I will be riding C....If I ride B I will be riding to hang on rather than riding to race (that will make sense to some). It is important to me to race to win and maximise the chances of placing rather than just riding to "hang on" to build confidence and belief in my own ability. Whilst it is nice to say "Hey I hung on to B grade....I could say I was sprinting with C Grade and came....whatever...."

So ready for bed now and just looking forward to staying with friends over the weekend and having a fun weekend incorporating some racing.


Pedalman said...

Have a great race and keep the rubber side down.
May the reserves never run dry and the wind stay on your back.

Buttsy said...

Thanks Pedalman, I am looking forward to the time trial today - although it is a bit windy here. I do feel the wind is good for me a bit as at 75kg I am heavier than some of the girls I race against and so dont get blown around so much......

Bluenoser said...

You have it in you Buttsy.


Buttsy said...

Thanks Bluenoser, I got my win in the ITT and I rode very strong so very happy there. Thanks for the support and kind words.

That goes for you too Pedalman thanks for the kind words, they make you feel more motivated!


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